Which is best 15 Inch Android Tablet for Business Use

Which is best 15 Inch Android Tablet for Business Use?

Industrial 15 inch android tablet provide a powerful all-in-one touchscreen computer solution perfect for commercial and business use. This article explores the key features and benefits of these large rugged tablets.

Which is best 15 Inch Android Tablet for Business Use

These heavy-duty android tablets pack a punch when it comes to processing power, display size, connectivity and versatility. Built with quad-core processors, large HD touchscreens and rugged construction, they can handle demanding applications from point-of-sale systems to digital signage. Keep reading to learn why a 15 inch industrial android tablet may be the right fit for your business.

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What Are the Key Features of a 15 Inch Industrial Android Tablet?

Industrial 15 inch android tablet has several standout features that make them well-suited for commercial use:

Large 15 Inch Capacitive Touchscreen

The hallmark feature of these tablets is the expansive 15.6-inch touchscreen display. With a crisp 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution, the large screen enables easy interactive use perfect for point-of-sale, self-service kiosks, digital signage and more. The projected capacitive touch technology allows for seamless and accurate touch response.

Quad-Core Processing Power

These rugged tablets are equipped with a powerful 64-bit RK3288 quad-core ARM processor clocked at 1.8GHz. Combined with 2 or 4GB of RAM, the tablet delivers smooth performance for Android OS and demanding applications. The ample processing muscle allows the tablet to multitask with ease.

Commercial Grade Rugged Design

Constructed to withstand the rigors of daily commercial use, these tablets feature thickened glass, sturdy aluminum alloy frames and durable components. Most models meet IP54 or higher ingress ratings for dust and water resistance. Many also meet MIL-STD-810G military standards for shock, vibration and extreme temperatures.

Flexible Mounting Options

The standard VESA mount pattern on the back panel enables flexible mounting options. The tablet can be mounted on walls, poles, tabletop stands even vehicles using widely available mounting hardware. This allows easy tabletop or fixed installation.

Why Choose a 15 Inch Industrial Android Tablet?

15 inch industrial android tablet offers clear advantages that make them a wise choice for many business applications:

All-In-One Touchscreen Computer Replaces Multiple Devices

This rugged tablet integrates the power of an Android computer and the interactivity of a large touchscreen into one device. This 10 inch android tablet PC can effectively replace separate desktop computers, monitors and touchscreens used in commercial settings. The all-in-one design reduces clutter and costs associated with multiple components.

Larger Screen Enhances Interactive Digital Experiences

The expansive 15 inch touchscreen display provides ample real estate for interactive user experiences. It facilitates more engaging customer experiences for self-service applications like digital signage, wayfinding, catalog browsing and self-checkout stands. Workers also benefit from the generous display size which shows more data and enhances multi-window productivity.

Easy Integration for Custom Business Programs

These tablets run the Android operating system which offers open architecture that is easy to customize. Businesses can readily develop and integrate custom programs tailored to their unique needs whether it’s proprietary point-of-sale software or interactive kiosk menus. Android also offers access to over 1 million apps adding further versatility.

Flexible Mounting Options Enable Innovative Setups

The standard VESA mount pattern enables creative commercial installations. The tablet can be set up on a counter or wall like a giant tablet. Or mounted on floors, ceilings, poles and vehicles to create innovative interactive environments. Portrait or landscape orientation provides further flexibility.

Key Questions to Consider When Selecting

There are several key variables to consider when choosing an industrial 15 inch android tablet:

What Are the Display Resolution and Touch Technology?

In our store, look for Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution for crisp image quality in our range of 10-inch android tablet PCs. Projected capacitive touchscreens provide the most seamless and accurate touch response. Multi-touch capabilities further improve interactive experiences.

How Powerful is the Processor and RAM?

A quad-core ARM processor with clock speeds of 1.8GHz or higher delivers smooth performance. Combined with 2 to 4GB of RAM it provides ample power for demanding apps and multitasking abilities.

What Wireless Connectivity Options Are Included?

WiFi 802.11ac and Bluetooth provide essential wireless connectivity. Some models also offer 4G mobile internet capabilities for applications on the go. Other beneficial options include GPS, NFC and WiFi direct peer-to-peer networking.

What Kind of Ruggedness and Ingress Protection?

Commercial grade tablets will carry IP54 to IP65 dust and water protection ratings. Additionally MIL-STD-810G ratings validate resistance to shock, drops, vibration, extreme temperatures and more.

Does it Support Common Business Accessories?

Look for models that work seamlessly with third-party business accessories like barcode scanners, credit card readers, receipt printers, cash drawers etc. Simplicity of accessory integration is key.

What Integrated Services and Warranties Are Included?

High quality providers offer extended 2 or 3 year warranties on hardware and software support services. This provides peace of mind and lower total costs long term for businesses implementing tablets.

Based on the above criteria, below are my top picks for android tablet PCs for business users, considering the price and where to store them:

1. AnPOS 15” Android Tablet

Here is a more structured explanation of the AnPOS 15″ Android Tablet with headings:

Processor and Performance

The AnPOS android tablet PC product features a quad-core 1.8GHz RK3288 ARM Cortex-A17 processor with integrated PowerVR G6110 graphics. This quad-core CPU provides smooth, responsive performance for demanding POS software and Android apps. Multitasking is seamless thanks to ample processing capabilities.

Memory and Storage

With 2GB RAM and 16GB built-in flash storage, the tablet is well equipped to handle the Android OS, apps, multimedia files and business data. Additional micro SD card slots in the android tablet PC allow for expanding the storage capacity up to 128GB.

Display Quality

The 15.6-inch projected capacitive touchscreen display delivers an exceptional interactive experience with its Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution. The 10-point touch response is fast and accurate. The large LCD display of this 10-inch Android tablet PC enhances software usability.

Rugged Construction

Built from durable aluminum alloy, the AnPOS tablet meets IP65 ratings for dust protection and water resistance. It holds up to sprays and splashes from all directions. The rugged construction of this product enables reliable performance despite intensive commercial use of the android tablet PC.

Integrated POS Accessories

The tablet supports integrated add-ons like an optional 2D barcode scanner and thermal receipt printer perfect for POS deployments. Connection ports allow linking cash drawers, credit card readers and other popular POS peripherals.


AnPOS protects the tablet with an industry-leading 2-year factory warranty. This covers defects in materials and workmanship. Advanced exchange services minimize potential downtime for businesses.

2. TalkPOS 15” Touchscreen Tablet

Here are more details on the key features of the TalkPOS 15″ Touchscreen Tablet:

Powerful Octa-core CPU & Memory

The TalkPOS tablet comes packed with an octa-core ARM processor, delivering blazing fast speeds for smooth multitasking and quick loading times. With a generous 4GB of RAM, it can handle running dozens of apps simultaneously.

Integrated Payment Processing

This tablet eliminates the need for external card readers by having built-in NFC, magstripe and EMV payment processing hardware. It allows directly accepting contactless mobile wallet payments like Apple Pay or tap-and-go credit cards. The tablet is payment ready out the box.

Rugged & Durable Construction

Designed for reliable performance in demanding retail and hospitality settings, the TalkPOS tablet can withstand accidental drops from heights of 3 feet onto concrete. The rugged housing also holds up to spills up to 100ml without issues. It keeps going despite everyday bumps and mishaps.

Rapid Charging Battery

The hot swappable 9500mAh battery supports 65W rapid charging for ultra fast recharging. Plugging in for just 30 minutes provides hours of runtime. This allows the tablet to remain in service 24/7. Additional batteries can be swapped for indefinite operation.

Warranty & Support

The TalkPOS tablet comes backed by a 3 year advance exchange warranty. If any hardware defects occur, a replacement tablet will be shipped first so no downtime. The warranty provides peace of mind that any issues will be promptly resolved.

3. DigtPOS 15” POS Tablet

Here are more details on the key features of the DigtPOS 15″ POS Tablet:

Processing Power & Connectivity

The DigtPOS tablet comes equipped with a quad-core ARM processor to handle demanding point-of-sale software applications with ease. It features fast 802.11ac dual-band WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity for wireless use. An Ethernet port is also provided.

Rugged Protection

Designed for use in restaurant kitchens and retail shops, the tablet has an IP54 rating for limited dust ingress and splashing resistance. All ports feature latching covers to further prevent damage from minor spills and exposure to dirt or crumbs in messy work environments.

Optimized for POS Accessories

This android tablet PC is purpose-built with integrated mounting points, ports and connectors to easily interface common POS peripherals like receipt printers, barcode scanners, cash drawers etc. Minimal setup is required to assemble a complete POS hardware solution.

Included Mounting Equipment

It ships complete with a versatile countertop mounting arm providing adjustable viewing angles. This allows positioning the tablet in ergonomic positions for standing or sitting staff. Also includes is an integrated printout paper roll holder for tidy mounting below or behind.

Extended Protection

In case any defects occur, the DigtPOS tablet is protected by a standard 2 year depot warranty. Tablets needing repair are simply shipped back for fast servicing or replacement. Extended warranty options are also available for added coverage and reduced downtime.

TouchWo 15 inch Industrial Embedded Touch Panel PC

Here is an overview of the key features and benefits of the TouchWo 15 inch Industrial Touch Panel PC:

All-in-One Design

This is an all-in-one industrial PC combining a powerful quad-core Android computer and 15 inch touchscreen monitor into one integrated device. This eliminates the need for separate components saving space and installation costs.

15″ Projected Capacitive Touchscreen

It features a slim 15 inch projected capacitive 10-point multitouch screen providing accurate and seamless touch response. The 1080p full HD resolution delivers sharp and vivid graphics. The expansive display enhances software usability.

Industrial Grade Hardware

The TouchWo Panel PC utilizes durable components such as a rugged die-cast aluminum chassis and hardened glass to withstand industrial environments. The IP65 rating validates the resistance of our android tablet PC product to dust ingress and water splashes from multiple directions.

Quad-core Processor & Memory

Equipped with a Rockchip RK3568 quad-core ARM processor and built-in Mali G52-MP2 graphics engine, it delivers reliable performance for demanding applications. Our Android tablet PC products, which are available in our store have 2GB of fast DDR4 system memory that enables smooth multitasking capabilities.

Flexible Connectivity

Connectivity options include Gigabit Ethernet, fast 802.11ac WiFi, Bluetooth 5.0, HDMI output, audio jack, serial port, USB ports and more. The all-in-one compact design allows flexible installation in space constrained equipment and machinery.

In summary, the TouchWo Industrial Panel PC provides an all-in-one rugged touchscreen solution with processing power, durable construction and robust connectivity suited for industrial automation systems.

RAYPODO Wall Mount 15.6 inch Tablet PC 

Here is an overview of the RAYPODO 15.6″ Wall Mount Tablet PC with headings outlining the key features:

Display Quality

The 15.6-inch IPS capacitive touchscreen display provides a 1080p Full HD resolution visual experience and supports 10-point multi-touch interaction. The wide viewing angles and accurate touch screen responsiveness of this 10-inch android tablet PC optimize software interface usability.

Processing Power

Equipped with a 1.8GHz Rockchip RK3566 quad-core ARM processor, it delivers smooth performance for running demanding applications, media and operating system functions.

Operating System

Dual boot support for Android 11 and Linux Ubuntu 18.04 provides flexible operating system options for desired deployment use case.

Wired Connectivity

Integrated gigabit Ethernet with PoE allows single cable power and wired networking for streamlined wall mounting implementations without excess cabling.

Additional Features

An integrated 2MP front camera enables video chat and conferencing capabilities. Built-in stereo speakers provide audio playback support.

Design & Mounting

Slim bezel industrial design with VESA mount holes enables secure wall or desktop installation. 10 inch Android tablet PC is available in our store in black or white color schemes.

In summary, the RAYPODO tablet provides the display size, resolution, touch responsiveness, processing power and connectivity required for engaging interactive applications across retail, hospitality and entertainment venues.

Conclusion and Final Considerations

Industrial grade 15 inch android tablet provides an all-in-one touchscreen computer solution perfect for self-service, interactive displays and business operations. They pack quad-core power, Full HD displays and commercial connectivity into a rugged tablet designed for daily use.

When choosing a model, carefully consider display quality, processing capabilities and built-in features. Also, examine the IP ratings, support for business accessories and warranty terms when checking the price of android tablet PCs. Leading commercial models like the AnPOS, TalkPOS and DigtPOS tablets outlined above represent quality all-in-one options purpose-built for business usage.

Deploying rugged 15 inch android tablet enables businesses to create next generation digital experiences and streamline workflows. The versatility, durability and functionality of these tablets makes them a wise long-term investment for organizations looking to improve operations and better serve customers.

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